LIS Professionals

The LIS is committed to ensuring sustainable legal advisory services. As part of this, we have established a network of independent professionals from various fields of law.

The LIS professionals are conducted to the Legal Impact Act and comply with its regulations. Each LIS Professional shall be entrusted with an LIS Off-Counsel responsible for providing practical experience support.

In case of reported deviations or non-compliance, an investigation procedure will be instituted. The LIS, represented by the Board of Directors, adopts the position of an independent mediator between clients, customers and other affected parties (Non-Legal Stakeholders) and the LIS Professionals.

This ensures that legal advisory services will be free from excessive and profit-driven billings, the exploitation of distress and fear, but instead will provide sustainable and high-quality legal advisory services with an impact that goes beyond this.

Andreas Orbig

Andreas Orbig

Corporate, Social VC, Impact M&A

Andreas Orbig advises on corporate law, with a particular focus on national and international VC transactions.
During his more than seven years of experience in both US and UK law firms, he has advised on numerous transactions on both the buyer and seller side.
As a lawyer, he is committed to sustainability and specialises in sustainable VC investments (Social VC) and advising in impact-oriented transactions (Impact M&A).
He stands for a resource-saving, sustainable and efficient advisory - from start to finish.