The Legal Impact Society (LIS) is a non-profit organization with its primary purpose of enhancing sustainability and impact within the legal framework. The LIS is the publisher of the Legal Impact Act, a comprehensive work of sustainable implications in the legal system.


Our societal vision is characterized by our commitment to a future in which the legal framework ensures holistic sustainability. This applies not only to environmental and social issues, but just as strongly to economic spheres.


Our mission is to create a globally uniform system for sustainable law through active engagement and measurable impact within the legal system. Every area of law is permeated by a self-contained regulatory force that must move with the times. Acting holistically, not limited to individual areas of law, leads to an effectiveness-oriented society.

Our ever-changing world requires a flexible but forward-looking framework that promotes innovation and protection in equal measure. This is not only about protecting minorities and the environment, but also about protecting tradition and heritage. A legal framework, that allows for modern ways, but at the same time provides foundation for a fairer and gentler world, is our goal.

The consequences of globalization show: Humanity does not stop at borders. The economy does not stop at borders. And so the law does not stop at borders either.

That is why we are committed to an innovative and globalized legal framework.

Legal Impact Act

The Legal Impact Act is a consolidated collection of legislative proposals, sample clauses and recommended actions for governments, businesses, individuals and other organizations.

LIS Professionals

The LIS consists of a network of independent legal advisors driven by purpose and impact. All LIS Professionals are conducted to the Legal Impact Act.

Legal Impact Summit

Our yearly Legal Impact Summit brings together diverse minds in the impact scene to make further progress.

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Legal Impact Blog

Check out our updates on newest developments and actions of Pro Bono Work and Impact Movements.